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With me, it’s personal. My mission is working with creative, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who pour their heart & soul into their business and want to next-level their brand and online presence. Together we’ll infuse your visual brand, website and online presence with authenticity & personality.

Let’s Ignite Your Brand

I started my working life in media, television & film. It’s a magical, creative and immersive world and I loved it. I learned so much about bringing stories to life in a visually exciting and compelling way.

*BUT, working 16 hour days, dealing with big egos and a great deal of inauthenticity burnt me out, fast.

I needed to work on my terms, crafting visual stories that make a difference.

Since 2011 I have been doing just this. Living and working on my terms. I’ve achieved one of my biggest dreams; to have the freedom to be more at home and present with my husband and daughter while working on what I love.

Earning my living coaching, consulting & guiding purpose-driven entrepreneurs towards a visual brand and online presence that represents them authentically and resonates with their ideal clients. The type of clients they are best positioned to help realise and achieve their goals and dreams. I run a completely location-independent business and have worked with clients both while sitting in my kitchen or travelling through some favourite spots in Europe with my family.

So if you’re a coach, wellness entrepreneur, creative, designer, yogi, impassioned change-maker then…

Let’s Work Together


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