Value Yourself

It’s ok to not be the cheapest. It’s even ok to be expensive. As long as whatever you’re charging is in line with your values, sense of value and makes you feel good.

I was chatting recently to a friend who is moving into freelance work. She’s struggled for a while to come to terms with not accepting every piece of work at every price point i.e. putting a higher value on her time and work. I’m a couple years further down the road in terms of how long I’ve been self-employed and I’ve been through this process, over and over, around the block and back again. There was a time when we would say ‘yes’ to everything, accommodate every bargain hunter on the scene and were most definitely one of the cheapest on the market.

Of course; we attracted the lowest value work with the highest demanding clients and the biggest hassle projects. It took years of confidence building, self development, mentoring and, yes, failing, to effectively one day decide to double our rates. It was scary, but almost instantaneously we started working on higher end projects with clients who valued our work so much they were willing to pay premium rates. And it felt fantastic.

What’s more these clients really, truly valued themselves and were willing to make a significant investment in their brand and website to showcase their offering to its truest value.

Doubling your rates overnight is hard work and not the right step for everyone. However, if you’re starting to see a pattern with being low-price and under valued, it’s time to reevaluate. The effects are far reaching; placing more value on the work you do is a great confidence booster – clients see quality in a service with premium pricing and you will start attracting clients who value and invest in their business.

Happy earning 🙂

Sara x

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