Where are you willing to invest?

A couple of years ago I had a profound moment that made be completely reassess what I am willing to invest in to better my life, my family’s life. I sat with a good friend and watched with a swelling heart as our two children immersed themselves in play with a group of other children. I knew in an instant I would go without any perceived “luxuries” to watch this girl of mine flourish in the right play and educational environment.

We were visiting a beautiful and intimate playgroup to see if it was a fit. We had struggled looking through the large creches and other group childcare facilities on offer. It never felt like us…like her. I am not belittling any of them, it just didn’t work for our family. We had gotten word through the grapevine of this small little place that didn’t advertise itself loudly and kept their numbers small. I felt like a VIP. I knew the minute we hit the driveway that this was the place.

Earlier this week I was debating the pricing (always  that bit higher when you opt for smaller, private establishments) and what it would mean for our monthly budget. What were we going to have to sacrifice for this? I was getting three things fundamentally wrong, and it only hit me today:

  1. There is not a single luxury in the world (daily coffees, dining out, holidays…) that I wouldn’t go without to see my daughter happy.
  2. Regular childcare is an investment in my business. If my daughter is lovingly cared for in the right environment I will be happily able to work away on more revenue-generating tasks.
  3. I firmly believe we don’t have to sacrifice. And if you do, it can be short lived. I’ve got an abiding faith that, with the right mindset, in the same way your heart can expand to accommodate the love of more children your income can grow to realise your goals. Especially if these goals are so heart-centered. This is why we chose self-employment after all. Flexibility around our family and uncapped earning potential.

What are you willing to invest in for a better life?

Let the challenge begin. Expansion, I welcome you.

Sara x

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